Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Collection of Thoughts

What I know today...
1. I am so in love.
2. Being a kinda sorta parent is the best lesson in patience I think I may ever have.
3. I'm rocking at my job yet don't find it challenging at all.
4. I'm still sending out resumes and letters to any place that I think will give me a once-over and seeing what I'll get.
5. I'm excited for my interview on Wednesday simply for the experience and to get my name out there.
6. I'm usually a fan of winter but right now I want summer like I want a cup of coffee after not enough sleep.
7. My girlfriends from work are some of the best girlfriends I've had in my life.
8. My mom came over on Friday for her birthday dinner and we played Twister. That was more fun as a grownup than it ever was as a tween at a sleepover!
9. I'm needing a creative outlet. A big one.
10. I really want to finish the last 75 or so pages I have of this book so I can start the next one. It's cover is really pretty and yes, I totally judge a book by it's cover.

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