Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I like Winter. I like the thought of everything going into hibernation for a while to rebirth with fresh colors and zest in the spring. I like waking to a blanket of untouched, fluffy white snow. I like having another reason to stay in, cuddle and watch movies. I like the sun shinning on those really cold days. I like taking long, hot bubble baths. I had no problem with all that snow for a few reasons but mostly because when it snows it's not as cold as it has been lately.

But right now I am ITCHING for Spring. I'm tired of the cold and worse than that I'm tired of the day where it's almost near 30 and then 2 days later it's back down to -2. It's Mother Nature being the ultimate tease and I am not a fan.

I took this photo last Spring (and actually may have already posted it on here, can't remember.) But this is my small plea to have the chill be taken out of the air. To be able to not wear a second layer under my coat because I need to be warm but only because it's part of my outfit. To not have to hold my scarf tight to my face because it being wrapped twice around is not enough. To not have to keep my legwarmers on at home because I still feel chilled in my bones.

I'm not ready for summer, in fact I don't want the snow to melt yet. But I am ready for it to be a normal winter. I'm done with this frigid-freeze-your-boogers-make-you-tremble-can-not-wear-enough-clothes cold. You can tell I'm a Minnesotan when all I'm asking for is for it to be 20 degrees warmer.

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