Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm a Dork

I have no problem letting my Freak Flag fly. I have little idiosyncrasies that make me ME. And this right here is one of them.

I love American Idol! I haven't been into it since the first season when Kelly Clarkson won, but surprisingly, my boyfriend loves this show. So I jumped on the bandwagon right away! I love stuff like this!

And these kids can SING! Seriously. It's hard to pick one, they all are fantastic! But my favorite guy is this one, a Mr. James Durbin. Wanna talk rock star? He's got it. Period.

If he was 10 years older, I'd be all over that. And my man says he's glad James is so young. :-) And jokingly Chuck and I were wondering if it would be shameful to get a James Durbin poster in our apartment. I think it would be awesome! I watch it every week, totally couch dance to his songs (in fact, this week we stood up for it we were so excited. Shhhh don't tell.) I get goose bumps every time he sings, and I vote. Over and over again.

See? Dork. Freak Flag blowing in the breeze.

Seriously, I love Idol. And I think this kid can win! (Here's hoping I didn't j-i-n-x him) Listen to his videos, tune in next week, and enjoy the rock star entertainment!

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