Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Overshare of the Day

I'm a hodge podge of feelings right now. And I need to write them out to sort through them. My emotions, listed in 10 words or less:

and yet I think all of these can be wrapped up into one word, hormonal.

Yes, I realize what I just admitted to with the above statement. But I'm a woman and we all go through it. No shame in my game. And I think there may be one or two more people who can relate to feeling so funky and emotional and not really sure why. And that unsureness is the most frustrating thing about it all!

Grrrrr, stupid estrogen.

What would clear these hormonal blues in 10 words or less:
a burger
new shoes
oreos and milk

I think those things could cheer up just about any girl.

1 comment:

  1. Sarah, this brought me to tears - tears of "Damn, I can relate to that all too well at the moment." UGH. Here's hoping we both level off soon. *Hugs*