Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Soap Box is Big

So I might paint myself into a corner here. Or wind up eating my words, (Lord knows that has happened once or twice in my life.) Or someone will school me in my wrongs. But the talk of taxes, our national debt, taxing the top whatever percent of the American public, I'm soooo over it!

And let me tell you why!
1. We get taxed. We ALL get taxed. We get taxed to pay for things like public schools, road work,, national parks, art museums, radio stations like The Current, public transportation, and new sports stadiums like Target Field. And those that aren't willing to have some of their money taken to pay for all the public things they enjoy, well those people should be on house arrest. If you aren't willing to pay, you shouldn't be allowed to use.
2. I don't care what side you are on, both sides get taxed. This is one issue where it effects everyone. And I know that one argument is "It is not my responsibility to support others." Well, let me tell you, I'm not a religious person, but there is a special spot in hell for those that believe that statement. Or anything along those lines. You may think it's not your responsibility, but it is your duty as a fellow human being to help others. I'm sure you'd be singing a different tune when your job cuts your position, and because you are so overly-qualified, you can't get another job. Unemployment here you come. Which means "Thank you tax payers."
3. There are so many other topics to be discussing. We need taxes to pay for things that we all like and we all use. Lets talk the ridiculous topics that should have been cut out in the Civil Rights era, like gay rights and abortion. How come we are still segregating our fellow citizens? Are we really stuck 50 years ago? REALLY?! How can anyone believe in their heart that one person doesn't deserve what they themselves have? When at the end of the day everyone goes home, has dinner, snuggles with those important to them, and gets up and goes to work the next day. And abortion and birth control.... oh goodness, there is a difference between having sex and having a baby. I think these are 2 separate topics but sadly it's all rolled into one in the government. But when it comes down to it, who are you Mr. Congressman to tell someone what to do with the fetus that is growing in a woman's uterus after she was raped by her next door neighbor? You don't know what she went through and if she doesn't want to carry the child, then she shouldn't have to.
4. My paycheck never changes no matter who is in office. I've always worked paycheck to paycheck, I've always had to budget my grocery money. No matter what has happened or will happen I think I will always be struggling. But I've got a roof over my head, food in my fridge, a job that I like, and I'm still able to help and donate to others.
5. And I realize that numbers 2 and 3 come back to number 1 because we can't help others and enjoy social events without taxes. Which is why the topic of taxes is deader than the horse they started beating back in 1776. We have to pay. Paying taxes is how this country keeps running. And those with more money should pay more taxes. If I made 6 figures I'd be willing to pay more. I can surely tell you I would up my donations to public radio, I would volunteer with foundations that count on taxes to run, and I would continue to work hard for my money. My money benefits me as well as my fellow human beings.

Subtopic/Authors Disclaimer: I realize that there are some that take advantage of tax payers and the funds supplied to the public. I see it every day working downtown. But those are such a small percentage of all the good that can come from paying taxes. Focusing on those bad seeds is like focusing on the one bad thing that happened to you on the way to work, rather than realizing how great the rest of you day was.

Next topic. Please.

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  1. Have I ever told you how fantastic you are? Ever? Even once?!?