Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday's Awesome List

Today's Bucket of Awesomeness:
1. Yesterday's day of fun! We went and played bingo at the Uptown VFW and I won $27! Bingo is easy fun, pair it with beer and urban townies, and you got a few hours of goodness!
2. Finding good deals at second-hand clothing stores. I've frequented Everyday People, which is a great place for cute clothes. I got a fab dress there last summer and yesterday Chuck got a pair of Steve Madden shoes for $20 and I got 2 shirts and some bangles for under $20 myself! I love bargain shopping!
3. Waking up on a religious holiday, realizing all the stores where you were going to run your errands are closed and having a fantastic day of nothing! A yummy breakfast, a nap, a little laundry, a walk, some cleaning, some computer work. But all in all a day of nothing in particular and it's awesome!
4. Having the patio door wide open and then not closing the shades when the setting sun travels past. I'm just so happy the sun is out that I don't want to shut it out of my place for a moment.
5. The budding trees! I love little buds of new plants soon to be bursting forth with new color and new life! I wait for the day I look out my window and all the trees have blossomed into beauty!
6. Getting a call on this day from a friend like I have for the past how-many-years and telling me he prayed for me at church. Whether that's true or not, that yearly phone call brightens my day, makes me laugh, and makes me thankful for my friend!
7. Watching America's Funniest Home Videos, people falling and getting scared will always be funny!
8. Pizza. Pizza is so good. And dip it in a little caesar dressing, even better!
9. Turning around on my couch and finding my cat like this...

He looks so embarrassed and ashamed. But no, just napping the day away like he should, being a cat and all.

Go find what's awesome in your life!!

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