Monday, June 21, 2010

We became ROCK STARS this weekend!

It started on Friday afternoon with a goodbye happy hour for a friend from work who is moving back to his homeland of Portland, OR. We had a few beers and good greasy food at Liquor Lyle's. Seriously, I love living across the street from that bar. A total hole-in-the-wall with a great look to it. Not to mention 2 for 1's 3 times a day, pool, darts, a jukebox where if I yell "Someone play some music!" a few minutes later someone is picking out songs. After Lyle's we went downtown to Peavey Plaza for a free concert from a local band called the Hopefuls. My mom used to take me down to Peavey all the time when I was little and I would dance with no shame. Just like I did on Friday. My friends and I danced like our life depended on it. With a stop across the street at Brit's for a beer in between sets. That was my Friday.

Saturday came with an early sunrise and my beau and I had no idea what it had in store for us. My BFF Ryan was in town for the birth of niece/nephew #4 and we had brunch plans at The Egg and I. My BFF and my beau got to meet, which meant a lot to me. All went well. My beau is quite good at just enjoying a moment. So he sat and listened and laughed while Ryan and I got caught up. It was so good to see Ryan, with him living in NYC our time together is limited. But fabulous nonetheless.

And this is where it gets good. My beau and I didn't know what to do after brunch, we had the whole day ahead of us. So Liquor Lyle's it was until we could think of something else. And yes, it was 2 for 1's. SCORE!

Well let me lay out the rest of our day for you.

2 and we would have gone to more except those 2 totally killed my buzz so we made a different plan.

1. Lyle's
2. Old Chicago (we're trying to do their World Beer Tour)
3. William's Pub
4. Stella's (on the roof top no less!)
5. Cowboy Slim's (yes, that bar I fell in last summer.)

1. Famous Dave's (used the potty and took a spin on the dance floor)
2. Cafeteria (a new bar in Calhoun Square. There was a line out the door to get into the elevator to get up onto the rooftop. Ummmm no thanks. I however did climb out the huge window to leave rather than fight my way through the crowd of the newest place in town.)

1. A dress that looks so fantastic on me! And guess who picked it out? My beau. It hangs in all the right places.
2. And a leather coat for my beau. And 7 brand leather coat. For $20 at that! And he looks goooooood in it!

1. Rock the Garden! Yep, we are that awesome! I live a few blocks away from The Sculpture Garden, it had been going on for a few hours, people were starting to leave, and we thought "Lets try and get in." So I just asked people leaving if we could have their bracelets. "Sure" was their response. Two free entrance bracelets, 2 beers at $4 a pop and front row at the end of a rock show sounds like a stellar time to me! And whats better?! We chatted with security, a few of The Current's DJs, took a stroll through backstage just to see if we could. And we did. We got free beer and free food from the vendors afterward just by being brave enough to go ask.

Only one. And when I say crashed I mean we were walking by Suburban World Theatre in Uptown, was told there was a wedding inside, almost continued on our way, but were encouraged by guests standing outside to go in and grab a beer. So we did. We had a beer, danced through a few songs, wished the bride a congratulations, signed the guest book (and I believe I signed something like "Awesome music + good beer + wonderful friends + a happy couple = Happily Ever After. Signed The Wedding Crashers." and i could be paraphrasing here. We didn't want to wear out our welcome so after that we left.

And we made it home thanks to the bus. Another great thing about our rock star weekend? No hangover! The next day was Father's Day. That was so great it deserves another post.

But my 3 Good Things ain't got nothing on this weekend! It was all AWESOME!

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