Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Bottom Line

To My Customers, If I could write each of you an individual note and tell you how much you have made my daily job a joy, I would. But that would just take too much time, and I have coffee to brew. :) But I want you to know that I am grateful for each one of you. You are the reason I enjoy coming to work. I like making your mornings a bit brighter. I like making you smile with my antics and I enjoy it when you laugh with me at my ridiculousness. Making your morning ritual a bit more happy makes my day that much better.

When I started in the business of retail it was smiply a job. I worked where I shopped and it came naturaully to sell what I bought to others. But when I came into the cafe in downtown Minneapolis, I found a whole new level of self worth and a new found genre I was good at. I realized I liked selling. But more than that, I liked making people happy for a few moments a day. If I could make them laugh and give them what they asked for, than I could consider my day a success.

I want to thank you for opening this door for me. If you hadn't told me your name with a smile when I asked, joked with me about my company's need to upsell, humored me on a rough morning, or just plain became my friend, I wouldn't have gotten the new job I did. It is because of you that I was able to move up in a business that I like and that I am good at. I sell coffee but more importantly, I think I sell relationships. When I interviewed at this new comapny they asked if I thought I was in the "people business that just happens to sell coffee." And in my loud, enthusiastic way I responded with a resounding "YES! This is what I've been trying to say!"

The key to life is connection. If you don't connect with people on a daily basis, you're missing out. I hope you came to my coffee shop to find a small piece of human interaction and a jolt of caffiene, and that you will continue to come back when I am some place new. Thank you for continuing to come support my busniess when our espresso machine was down, when we were short a person and when we ran out of coffee for a few mintues. You are the reason we are successful. And for that I thank you.

Coffee is always your friend, but the people that make it are so much more.
Much love.

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