Friday, September 2, 2011

Gazing at the Possibilities

I have been doing a lot of dreaming lately. And by dreaming I mean gazing longingly into the setting sun and imagining what is possible. I feel like I'm on the cusp of something new and amazing. I don't want to jinx myself yet, but I'm banking on a new adventure and a new door to swing wide open.

On another dreaming note, I want to spend some good quality time on a beach. I want the water to be as far as I can see, the sand to be soft and in between my toes, the sun to be high and hot, a book in one hand and a beer in the other. I want to know that there are no plans for a few days, to know that I can nap and it won't matter about not being able to sleep at night because there are no plans. Hungry? Lets find a deli. Tired? Lets take a snooze. Feeling rambunctious? Lets go scuba diving. And lets do it all over again tomorrow. Or not. Because we are on vacation and can do whatever we want.

I'm also getting excited for fall. Which means I'm getting excited for Halloween because I still love to dress up. And with the Littles now in my life, dressing up is even more fun! I kinda wanna go as a superhero this year. Ohhhh or a pirate's wench. But I have a rule about Halloween, you have to make your costume. If you buy a nurse costume from a store you're a Halloween cheater. And fall also means winter is next which means CHRISTMAS! I love the holiday season, the lights, the decorations, the music, the coziness, the shopping, the food and treats! Ahhhh LOVE!

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