Monday, September 26, 2011

La Playa de Mexico

Yep, that new header is MEXICO, Baby!! That was taken on the highest peak of Rocky Point, at a restaurant called El Capitan. We went there one night with Chuck's mom for nachos and margaritas and had a damn good time!!

This was the best trip ever. We did nothing and it was wonderful. :) Well, not nothing, we hung out on the beach with our toesies in the sand and a cooler of beer. We rented a jetski for an hour, we at lots of tacos and quesadilla's, we napped, we hung out with his mom, we looked out on the ocean with the sun on our shoulders and a smile on our faces. It was so perfect. We also spent a few nights in Tucson with his friends. His friends are good guys who know how to have a good time.

Chuck has said since I meant him that he will retire to the beach of Mexico. I now think I'll join him. To see the horizon from all around, to have the sun shine every day, to simply live a simple life, I'll take it. And all with my sweet sweet man.

Me and the beach, we got along great.

Our hideout for the day.

This brings a smile to my heart.

When I've worked through the rest of the photos, I'll post a few more. I'm still reveling in the great time we had. Memories were definitely made.

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