Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Made It

There are a few things that happen to people that seem to cement the fact that they are now an adult. Getting a drivers license that doesn't have your parent's address on it, buying a car without their help (however, buying it from a parent might negate the point, oh well,) going to a dinner party and having enough sense to bring a bottle of wine, and sending out a holiday card because you want to.

I have sent Christmas cards in the past and love doing it. But this year I am joining the ranks of those cards with the cute pictures of the kids on it that make you go "Awwwweeeee." And I couldn't be more excited! I created it on shutterfly using one of the many templates they had and my own pictures. It was so fun! I love taking pictures and am usually behind the lens so most of the pictures are of my little family, and it's the cutest thing ever! The kids are adorable, Chuck and I have such fun together, we all make each other laugh, it's awesome.

I'm all creative and stuff this season. It's so fun. Makes me want to make a picture card for other reasons. What those are, I have no idea. But I am in the midst of other creative do-hickeys right now, it's so nice to wake up my creative outlet.

I'm going address these cards and mail them all with a pep in my step. I'm excited about a Christmas card and I am a total dork.

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