Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm old

You know those days or moments when you wish you could lay around and do nothing but watch crappy television and nothing sounds better at the time? Well it's a totally different story when you have to lay and do nothing. I hurt my back this morning and I'm in pain when I stand, walk or do anything besides lay on my back on the floor. I even called out at work and I never do that. I like my job too much and I have to be almost out of it to not go into work. Well I think this constitutes as one of those moments. And now that I have to lay and do nothing I'm going stir crazy. Grrrr.
There is nothing worth while on tv, I'm reading a bit, it's even hard to type with my laptop on my belly.
I just hope that my back is better for tomorrow so I can go back to work. Mostly because I don't want to spend another day on the floor.
Maybe I'll try to count the bumps on the ceiling, that could take some time.

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