Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Update, a la ME

I know, I know I'm slacking in the blogging department right now. But I've been saving up for mew things to write.
Last Saturday I closed at work and a couple came in who I think were on their first date. They both were dressed casual but nice, he had on khaki shorts and a pink polo (real men wear pink, you know) and she had on black capris and a green screen-print t-shirt and cute wedge shoes. They wandered into music and didn't really look at anything particular. He talked and talked and talked with his hands in his pockets and she had her arms crossed most of the time and nodded and giggled along. It was sweet to watch them stand just far enough away and sort of trail each other around the department. He talked a lot and I couldn't tell if her silence was because she was shy and nice or because she was counting the minutes until the date would be over. And I was trying to listen to see if his talking was a nervous talk (when they don't say anything of importance) or was he trying to impress her. I hope it works out for them. Once you get passed that awkward first date, the beginning is so much fun.

I found a book at work called Barguments. Basically it poses questions that are good enough yet simple enough to be discussed after three beers. My friend Joseph and I spent a good chunk of our work day flipping through and answering the questions. Here are some samples.
1. Who would win at an underwater race, Superman or Aquaman?
My answer... Superman. Simply because he's Super. Like my boss Steve says, if he can make the world spin in the other direction, he can beat Aquaman at a water race.
2. Top 3 guitar players in history.
My answer... Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and the third is up for debate... maybe Jimmy Page
3. After drinking a radioactive beer, you've developed a superpower. Pick from extraordinary hearing that lets you listen in whenever someone mentions your name or the ability to instantly detect lies told by strangers.
My answer.... the latter. I don't want to know everything people say about me. Plus what if I can listen in whenever someone says "Sarah" and it's not me they are talking about? That would get annoying. But working in customer service I get people who like to talk themselves up or simply just talk. And I like to see if the self-made millionaire really is rich and if they guy who owns three BMW's but I saw drive away in a rusty piece of crap is all that he says.

I'm reading a new book called Blackbird. It's a memoir about a woman's childhood, and she tells it from the eyes of a child. So far it's excellent and from what I've been told the drama hasn't even begun. It's written so well, she really embodies the voice of a child.

My friend Isaac said something very nice to me today. We were talking about my leaving Las Cruces and he wished for me that i continue to write. I let him read a piece that I had written about a friend of ours and he said he was amazed at my talent. He said my writing was relatable and he hopes I continue on the writing and story-telling path that I am on. That made me blush and felt very good to hear.

It's my day off tomorrow. I have no plans. Maybe I'll do a bit of everything...

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