Wednesday, September 3, 2008


There is no shame in my game in admitting this, I get sucked into the dumb shows on VH1 and MTV. Some people have their soap operas, I have my bad realty TV and gossip shows. But sometimes I get mad at what I'm watching and the feeling gets even worse when I don't shut it off.
Right now is a show called The Fabulous Life of... and it can range from world's richest kids to Hollywood superstars. And they even have a guy who sounds just like Robin Leach (I don't think it's the real guy. Isn't he dead? Anyway...) Today it's The Fabulous Life of Hollywood Babies. Really? I'm really watching this? Yes. Yes I am.
The Robin Leach voice is giving us the dollar amount of Christina Aguilara's nursery, or the 3 nurseries that Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony had created in each of their homes. Not just 1 home with 1 nursery, 3 homes with a nursery in each. Ridiculous!
Now I understand they have money to spend, but diamond encrusted cribs that the kid will out-grow in two years anyways? Is that really necessary? And I'm sure these people donate money to good causes, but why don't they spend $30,000 on a nursery and donate that other $10,000 to mom's who really need it? It's a baby; it doesn't give a rats ass if it sleeps in a room with an original mural done by an artist that the rest of the world has never heard of!
And don't get me started on selling baby pictures to magazines. They already make a gazillion dollars and now they are selling photos of their children. If they want the world to see the kid that badly just give the pictures away. Or donate the money, you rich snobs!
I think I'm mostly mad that I watch this crap in the first place. Damn cable.

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