Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another writing first

There is a lady who comes into my work every now and then. I was talking to her about memoirs a while back. They are my favorite books to read, I think everyone has a story to tell and I like to read other peoples stories. I'm a literary rear window. And on Friday I was walking around work after I had finished my shift, looking for a book to read and she stopped me.

Her name is Mary and she is writing her memoir. She says shes been working on it for years and she thinks it's nearly done. And she asked me to read it and give her my feedback. She knows that I'm writing and that I like to read memoirs, so she says that she thinks I'll have some good insight.

I was honored. One, as an avid reader to have someone want me to read their book before it's even a book, and two, as a fellow writer I think it's a great request to ask of someone.

I told her I would love to. Whenever she is ready, she said she'll bring it to me. I know nothing of her, besides her name and the fact that she is writing. I wonder what kind of story she has to tell...