Friday, November 13, 2009

It's a bit calm 'round here

It's Friday night and I'm doing laundry, making yummy spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner, drinking Cheap White Wine (seriously all caps, cause that's what it's called), listening to music with candles burning. And I couldn't be more content.

I plan on reading later with some lyric-less jazz playing in the background.

Contentedness is in the eye of the beholder. And tonight is exactly what I wanted.

On other notes, I've been fairly bla lately. No exciting dates in the last month, no celebrities in my store for me to yap my mouth to, no crazy nights out on the town. Except Halloween although it wasn't that crazy. I didn't fall in the bar, no one took my number, had just the right amount of beers, but I did see some awesome costumes.

I'm kind of hoping for something exciting. Something fantastic and new in my personal life would be preferred. Like oh I dunno, say a cute boy to think I'm fabulous and I think the same and we laugh and enjoy the here and now together. But offered a large sum of money or a book deal would be nice too.

A week or so ago I went and got Lee-Ann Chin take out (all you food critics, don't judge me. I love that stuff.) And I got two fortunes in one cookie! That was the extent of exciting for me. It did make my day. And they were both fortunes, not facts, like "You are surrounded by friends." That is a big ol' duh. But these were actual fortunes. I framed them. I've framed many uplifting quotes. It's nice to look over and see words that make you smile.

Seeing as how I want something exciting to happen I find it ironic that I choose to sit in on a Friday night and enjoy some genuine ME time. Ahhhh well. To each his own.

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