Friday, November 6, 2009

I like to read but this...

So I've been reading Fahrenheit 451 and am thoroughly confused and not at all enjoying the book. I've tried it before and couldn't get into it. But I gave it another whirl. And got over half way and finally said "Not into it. And don't care." And put it down.

There is not enough time in the world to waste on books that I'm not enjoying.

I've found that with many books written during the Cold War. Animal Farm, 1984, Catch 22, this Fahrenheit book, I just don't care. And I feel like I should. Kids read them in high school, they were supposed to be very socially forward, and yet I couldn't care less.

There are no interesting characters, the plot doesn't really seem to go anywhere except to Crazyville, the descriptions are flat and dull. And Ray Bradbury could really use a class called "Sentence Structure 101." He had the most run-on sentences, a 3/4 page paragraph with 2 sentences. So annoying!

So I'm moving on. I'll try Catch 22 again and 1984 again. Some day. Maybe. But now I'm picking up The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. It was on our best-seller list nearly all summer and everyone I know who has read it loved it.

Here's to a new good read!

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  1. I had a rough time with 451 too.....just could not get into it...i did finish it for the sake of finishing it but....... no didnt miss anything.....catch 22 was kinda hard too but I enjoyed some of that!!