Wednesday, March 10, 2010

8 days since last post

I haven't blogged in over a week. Ain't got much to say, I guess. No news is good news, right?

Work is good. My assistant and I laughed till we cried on Monday. And I don't want to j-i-n-x myself here, but there is a position open that I'm interviewing for today. And that is all I'm going to say about that.

My writing is still around. Now that I don't have this class I really need to kick my own ass in gear and write the best I can and send out my pieces. I'm going to enter the Writer's Digest Writing Competition. There are a number of categories, I've entered it the past 2 years, the prizes are decent, I haven't won. The grand prize is $3000 and a trip to NYC to meet with editors and agents. I'd be happy with just an honorable mention.

I'm moving. But not until October. In my spare time I like to look at apartments on line but with no rent dollar limit and see what kind of palaces there are out there. But in actuality, I can't afford those fancy shcmancy digs, so I'm will be looking in a range I can afford the closer we get to October. And since I don't own a car, I'm planning on staying in Uptown on the 6 bus line. It gets me to work and to my mom's in one shot. Location location location. You couldn't pay me enough to commute from the suburbs. No sir.

I'm on a stay-cation for the next 6 days. And it's supposed to be raining the ENTIRE time. Awesome. (there needs to be a sarcasm font) But I have very little planned. I may go to the Institute of Arts. I may go to the Weisman Museum. You know, that god-awful ugly metal building that when driving towards it at sunset, you get blinded by the light of the setting sun because the whole damn building is metal. I'm telling you, it's ugliest building the Twin Cities. And the new Walker is a close close second.

Anywho, my stay-cation. I had vacation time to use by the end of April so I just figured I'd take a little time off. I'm going to write, read, walk if it's not too wet out, pretty much what I do when I'm not working but I get to do it all day.

My cat is nutters. Last week I was leaning over my bathroom sink, putting on mascara (and I do not open my mouth to do so. Those that do I think are weird. It is not necessary to catch flies in order to put on eye makeup.) But there I am, with a brush covered in goo near my eyeball and here comes my cat leaping up and attempting to get into the mirror itself. He jumps right in front of me, hits the mirror head-on and falls into the sink. Idiot. He scared the shit out of me, I don't know if he was trying to attack my reflection or thought it was a window or what. But after he landed in the sink, his face was all "Crap. That didn't go the way I thought. I'm a fool." And away he ran. Having him around surly has made me laugh out loud more often in my apartment than ever before. Right now he's attacking a brown paper bag from Target. Probably because he can.

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  1. OMG! I saw your FB post and was all like "grrrl! u need ta go to a mooseum!" and then I read this and was all like "pppshhht! she's two steps ahead of my arse!". Word.