Monday, March 15, 2010

Warning: Not for children's or prudes ears

Nutty the Neighbor is at it again! It's now warm enough where she will sit outside on the stoop for hours, (with no cushion, my rear falls asleep and it's not comfortable) with the lap top and her headphones. Which isn't all that odd, I sit outside too. But I wonder what she can be looking at online for hours. I get bored after a while.

But today was a doozy. I was walking back up from starting a load of laundry and I hear her singing. Now before I give you the link to the song that was spouting from this extremely tone deaf woman's apartment, I need to give warning. First off, it's by Lil' Kim and she is the epitome of nasty. This song is dirrty. (When there are 2 R's you know it's really raunchy.) This song is very inappropriate. If you are easily offended, know that I gave you full warning to NOT click the link and you have no one else to blame but your own curiosity.

And you'll know when you get to the lyrics that Nutty was singing.


Now imagine if you will, that song sang with no key signature chosen, and loudly. Like can hear her around the hallway corner. It's like she stands at her apartment's door and thinks "What can I do that will shock people?" She'll sing that. She'll give the building the Miranda Rights. Yep, it happened. She'll just yell out "I fucked your mom." Heard that too back when I first moved in.

If anything she is entertaining. Well, that's because she's crazy!

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