Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I haven't/I have

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

I haven't blogged, I've rarely written anything new, I haven't gotten very far in book number 3 of this series I'm reading, I haven't cooked much at my place, I haven't gotten that volunteer thing off the ground (although I'm looking at other options), I haven't done anything all that exciting.

But I've been out living and having a wonderful time. I've been cooking up a storm with a friend and making delicious food I might add! Our own BBQ sauce, potato salad, homemade pizza, stir-fry. It's been fun to hang out with someone who loves to eat as much as I do.

I've also been laughing. A LOT. That really doesn't say much considering two things. One, I'm a riot. And two, I laugh at everything. But laughter is better when shared.

I've genuinely enjoyed my days. When not at work (work has been very busy lately, which we like,) but when I'm off I tend to spend that time with a big grin on my face.

I've sent in my second piece to a magazine. I sent a piece written about the Minneapolis public transit system and human connection and I sent it to a local magazine. I'm not going to say which one until I get notified of a yes or no. Keep your fingers crossed!

I've also noticed that spending money on cat toys is stupid. You know when you give a kid a giant present and all they do for the rest of the evening is play in the box it came in? Well my cat is kind of like that. The toys I buy consist of foam balls, catnip filled mice, feathers on springy poles.
The toys he plays with are his tail, twist ties, rubber bands, my hair ties, that damn spring door-stop that is on the bottom corner of many household doors. He will also stalk my sock-monkey slippers as I'm walking around my apartment. It's a very clumsy sneak attack to my ankles and then a mad dash in the other direction. Poorly played, Kitty, poorly played.

But man is he cute. And funny. And snuggly. Best purchase I've made in a long time.

I haven't done much that I thought I was going to do. But I've been having a fabulous time doing everything else!

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  1. Although I enjoy reading your words, I'm glad you are out living and enjoying instead of writing about it. The words will catch up. They do for us 'writer' types.