Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Simple things

I got back my last assignment yesterday. It came back with rave reviews and with some punctuation and spelling corrections, it's ready to be submitted. Yea me! I will get a certificate for completing this course which I think I'll hang right up there with my first rejection letter.

Now I just need to keep writing. With no assignments and no due dates it really does all rest on my shoulders. Write, read, submit, repeat.

On another note, I've been cooking a lot with a friend and have figured out why I don't cook by myself. I learn by doing and when I open a cook book I'm all "I don't get it, this doesn't make sense." But with cooking with this friend I get to actually do it and learn along the way. I made risotto last week! It's been really fun.

Spring is just around the corner. It's so close I can smell it. Well not quite actually, because when you can smell spring you know it. But all the sidewalks are ginormous puddles and the sun has been out bright and beaming for the past few days. I bought some flowers for myself today, daisies, they're my favorite. Such happy flowers. They brighten up my kitchen table and hopefully encourage spring to not be shy.

My cat has become a fun little furry rocket around my house. He'll run and leap off the furniture and stalk my sock monkey slippers. But he's also a lap kitty and will snuggle down and go to sleep. He's my four-legged pal.

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