Friday, March 19, 2010

Discrimination in schools

And these people teach our children.

I have found this story thanks to the miracles of facebook. But I have also responded to the schools superintendent and the principal with an email thanks to Dan Savage of Savage Love. You can ignore the first few letters but scroll down to the CONFIDENTIAL TO SAVAGE LOVE READERS section.

I find it so hard to fathom that we really are still sitting in a place of ignorance and hate in this country. I just re-watched the movie Milk last weekend. About the first openly gay person elected to public office, Harvey Milk. He was killed by another public official. All Milk wanted was equal rights. I don't think that is too much to ask.

And here 30 years later, we are still telling people who they should let into their hearts, be attracted to, love. It's ridiculous!

Here is my letter to the shallow people who told Constance she couldn't go to prom with her girlfriend.

Dear Teresa McNeece and Trae Wiygul,
You don't know me and we probably will never meet. But I am writing as a supporter of Constance McMillen. I am appalled at the school for telling Constance "no" when asked if she could take her girlfriend to prom. She was mature enough to ask, that should have been enough for a "yes." I'm appalled at the school board for then canceling prom. What a way to be adults and bury your heads in the sand about an issue that is so much bigger than a dance.
Constance doesn't only deserve to take whomever she chooses to prom, but she also deserves the support of her mentors, her teachers, her guides throughout the tough years of being a teenager. But instead she is pushed aside by adults and now bullied by her peers. It's hard enough to be a teenager, to suffer through high school, but to do it as an openly gay teenager, the people who do that are some of the bravest souls around.
You should be ashamed of yourselves. This has become a nation-wide issue, you and your fears are known to so many others. Constance can come to my city of Minneapolis and go to any prom she would like. I hope you slap yourselves across the face, realize the damage you have done, swallow your pride and your words, support your students, ALL your students and allow each and every one of them to not only go to prom but also to care for one another.

Sarah Riley

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