Thursday, September 16, 2010

Music awesomeness!

I got to see one of my several pretend boyfriends last night, Dave Matthews! (Among the other boyfriends are Matt Damon and Gerard Butler but they don't make it easy for me to see them in a live performance.) My mama bought me tickets to the concert for my birthday! And what a great present! I love Dave so freaking much! I just love his lyrics, his music, watching him and the band just jam. It's awesome!

Our seats were on the top level just a few rows up, but sitting where we are supposed to isn't usually how my man and I work. We snuck into Rock the Garden, every time we go to a Twins game we wind up down near the field. The ticket is just our way in the door, after that it's sort of a game for us to see how close we can get. So once we were in the door, we grabbed a beer, and wandered about. We watched a few songs from the opening band. And in between the openers and DMB we met up with my friend Kerstin for a quick visit. After that we made a quick decision to get down onto the floor and as close as possible before the band started when everyone was moving about, getting drinks, and mingling.

It was easy peasy to walk right in. We just gave security a little nod kept moving. We wound up as close to 20' feet away from the stage and my rock star pretend boyfriend! I didn't hear my favorite song, Two Step, but it was a rocking concert anyways. Last year their sax player died suddenly and I was curious as to who was going to replace him, the sax sound is a crucial sound to their music. There were a few people playing but on one song, Jimmy Thing, suddenly all 4 were out there making amazing music! And we were on the dance floor, I was moving and grooving, it was awesome!

Sadly, I have no pictures because my camera's batteries were dead. And my phone just took blurry yet bright pictures. I'll just have to hold the pictures of the band and its awesomeness in my mind.

Today my body aches. After over a month hiatus from yoga, my body was a bit sore yesterday, I was very aware of my muscles. But after dancing like crazy last night, I'm a hot mess today. My feet are sore, it hurts to lift the milk out of the fridge, the muscles around my rib cage say a crabby hello every time I take a big breath. Note to self, either do more yoga, or go to more concerts were I can dance dance dance. I don't think I'll be doing the latter much so yoga will have to do.

Despite my aches and pains, that concert was a BLAST! Totally AWESOME!

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