Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My writing and my reading

I got my instructor's response to my most recent assignment today and she said "overall, great job!" She had minimal corrections and suggestions for me and said with a few punctuation fixes that I should be able to submit it to magazines for publication. I was a big ball of smiles and pride as I read her letter in my apartment today. I really felt like I put my heart and soul on the table for all to read in this one, and to get such positive feed back shows I did the right thing by writing it all down.

I now have two pieces ready to submit to magazines which makes me feel quite good. I'm very proud of myself for going on this writing journey all on my own. Its something that only I have decided to do. I had no outside opinions, or did it because I had to, or because someone said I didn't have a choice. It was all my decision. And so far I've been nothing but pleased. Granted like anything there are bad moments, and every book I've read on writing says writing isn't easy. And I'll be, they were right. But I enjoy the challenge. I've always enjoyed telling stories and creating a picture in someone's minds eye with words.

This next assignment is up in the air for me. I've had some ideas brewing and lots of things written down on numerous pieces of paper. My desk and purse runneth over with post-its and scrap paper. I love it.

I am reading Lonesome Dove right now. My mother's suggestion many times over. And it's very good. It's long. I think part of the reason I haven't tackled it before is because it is so big. It's intimidating. But I don't have anyone to beat, finishing it is not a race. But I do enjoy it. I really like the characters and and the connection they build with each other while driving cattle to "Montany". I've only ever seen bits and pieces of the movie so I don't know how it ends. And mom and I have a movie date to watch it together once I finish, which may be in June. It's a big book.

I went to Barnes and Noble tonight with a friend. I do still like to go there when I'm not working and look at books, I just don't go to my store. When I do that co-workers usually say "You're here and you're not working? Weird." But when you love books and reading as much as I do... And tonight I discovered all these new books out that I want to read and was reminded of many that I've said I wanted to pick up for a while now. Seriously, if I could read and then write about it for a living I would.


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