Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just short of total zen

I went back to yoga last night and was a tad irritated until we actually started. For being a place where you should be calm, and positive, and all zen-like it was full of complaints. But funny enough, the complaints were all about other people. People driving and how we are never in the wrong, people pushing through life, literally, but you not standing up for yourself and saying "Excuse me, I am standing here." Complaints about the government, already, and yet none of us work in it and really have no idea what goes on or how complicated it is. I was just so frustrated because I go to yoga to free myself of the stress and daily annoyances that were being discussed. We even started late, and as I waited for class to start I went internal, tried to tune it out, and laid down and closed my eyes.

I do think that the people talking weren't complaining to be rude or annoying, but just to have a conversation. I just wish that people would talk about the sun shinning, or how much they like their job, or about a great evening they had friends a few nights ago. But alas, perhaps that is too much to ask.

I do realize that I am complaining about people complaining, which is also one of my pet peeves. But I have to get it out and like I've said many times before, its my blog.

Once class started it was great. I got sweaty and really felt myself sinking into the poses. It felt wonderful to be back doing that stuff with a class. I've been doing it at home, but it's just not the same, I work much better on stuff like yoga in a class. It helps push me. I did walk to yoga and walk back. All bundled up with an extra pair of pants and a big hat and scarf. I love walking, it's refreshing.

I will be going back next Wednesday but prepared to tune out the talking from the beginning. Me and zen are going to BFFs.

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  1. No longer a yogii slacker! Sounds great and I cannot wait to go back, too.