Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nutty the Neighbor

This was so good I have gotten up, turned my computer back on and sat down in my jammies to write about it.

Nutty across the hall is back in full force!

I guess someone else mentioned her foul yet vocal sing-song tirade and our building manager had a talk with her. Since then she has been fairly quiet.

But not tonight! I was in bed at 9 and had the light off by 10 (don't judge, I need my beauty sleep. Or I'm getting old. I haven't decided yet.) And fell into a good, light sleep. I say light because I can still recall hearing people in the hallway (possibly Nutty herself) and the buses going by outside. But I also say good sleep because I was having a fantastic dream! Those details I am keeping to myself...

Yet at 10:46-ish I am woken up by Nutty. And she is singing. First I think "Oh Christ, shut up." Then I actually listen, and it is awful. That girl has the voice of a tone-deaf cartoon cat. Picture a house cat, drawn out in a cartoon, but a bit sassy. Sassy like wears jeweled collars and bows, yet completely unknowing to the fact that she really has no sass at all. And still walks around like she is the cat's meow. (Pun intended) And to top it off this cat thinks she can sing. And it's bad. Like bad kareoke bad, like want to laugh out loud bad. Like Cameron Diaz in "My Best Friend's Wedding" bad or Miss Piggy, well, any time she tries to sing.

American Idol auditions would love her!

So after the "Oh Christ" thought my next was "I'm getting my camera, turning it to record and putting this shit in youtube!"

And that is exactly what I did. Only Nutty didn't pull through for me. She stopped sounding so bad and started to sound muffled. But not without getting in a "Fuck me. Shit fuck." in there.

So no youtube video tonight. Damn. That could have been fun. And yes I am aware that I am evil.

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