Friday, February 27, 2009

This is a family place.

At work today...whoooo boy!

First off, a woman came in who I was told by my fellow co-worker, is nuts. But that is usually a 7 in 10 chance where I work. All the crazies seem to come downtown. This woman came up and ordered a small coffee and then spouted sing-song words like "I'm in no hurry like the snow flurries." and "I'll hibernate like a grizzly bear in the wilderness." She was waving her arms around a-la Jodie Foster in Nell "Te in na win". We gave her the small coffee and then all 3 of us dove into the back to let out the laughter we had been holding in.

She then sat down and was undisruptive for about 20 minutes.

Never underestimate the power of the crazies.

A man came over and started to talk to her. Fine. She seemed to enjoy his company. Fine. He went in for a kiss, and she let him. A little odd, I didn't think they knew each other. (My only conclusion for that is that if they did knew each other I think the greeting would have been a bit more friendly. A "Oh my gosh! It's been ages! How are you?!" kind of thing.) He got a little closer, so close he seemed to be in her personal bubble. Still odd. He went in for another kiss, and she let him. By now I'm weirded out and can't help but watch.

What was going on? How did they know each other? How far would two crazies go?

In the next 30 seconds I got my answer.

I look over and she has her hand down his pants, his groin is thrust out to her, and they are just enjoying every aspect of each others company! I KNOW! And this was all in PUBLIC!! I lost it, went over to the phone and called the cop that we have patrolling our store during all business hours. (That is right. There are so many unconstitutional things going on at my store that we have a police officer all the time.)

Well this police officer is bad ass. He's huge, I rarely see him smile even though I've had a few laughs with him. He has also thrown a kid through a window for spitting on him. Or so I'm told. Well this officer wasted no time busting that heart-break hotel down! He took their pictures and kicked them out and they are not allowed back in our store.

I didn't know what to do with myself during all of this. I've never seen anyone be that open and disgusting in public before! It was no holds barred, and I bet if no one had come over they would have done more. I went in the back and did dishes just for a distraction.

I mean, come on, WHO DOES THAT?! Seriously!

Ugh, welcome to a glimpse of my work place.

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  1. What? You mean you don't participate in utterly inappropriate PDA's? HA! I want to come work where you work for a day. Much more entertaining! Zoinks!