Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happiness is...

...good laughs, like almost-make-you-cry-pain-in-the-side laughs
...remembering someones birthday and wishing them a happy one
...seeing little girls playing dress-up on a front lawn and having a photo shoot in mom's old clothes and very large shoes
...dancing/walking to really good music, knowing you look like a fool and not caring who sees you
...singing to good music while walking and knowing anyone could be listening and again, not caring who hears you
...hearing a music lyric that reaffirms some decision you made. It makes it that much better when the decision is put to music
...sunshine. No matter the temp it's always a bit nicer when the sun shines.
...getting snail mail
...having your windows open, when spring is so close you can smell it on the breeze
...a good read whether it's People magazine, the Sunday funnies, or a Pulitzer Prize winning book
...knowing you are truly happy in the here and now, and appreciating the fact that it can only get better

And that was just today.


  1. I am ever so proud of you and happy for you that you feel like that. Keep seeing the good-every day and in every way you can. much love

  2. My friend just posted on his blog a definition of writer -
    "able to translate a fleeting intimation or notion, transform a feeling, into understandable words or sentences"
    felt you'd appreciate it