Friday, April 10, 2009

A movie night and a few more thoughts.

I just watch the movie The Pursuit of Happyness for the first time tonight. And tears were streaming down my face, nose was running, and I wished someone was around to hug. What an amazing story. I ain't got nothing to complain about, with a job that I enjoy and a place to call my own. Plus, I'm happy. Genuinely happy and pleased with where I am. It was a well-told reminder to be grateful, understand and appreciate where you came from, and hold onto those you love.

I love you, Mom.

On a few other notes...

I went to Target today hoping to buy something for myself that I didn't need but that just screamed "Buy me! I'm cute and I'd look cute with you!" And nothing spoke. Not even a whisper. I'm disappointed in you Target, you always pull through for me on unless junk that I NEED to have. I left with a boring black shirt for work, not even a cute pink one for the spring. And some essential food items. Dull. The shoes are unappealing, the bags are all too big. And that is saying something, I like big bags.

However, on the up side I saved a good chunk of money buy not spending it on stupid things I don't need. So perhaps I need to turn this into a thank you to Target. By that store having nothing that appeals to me, I am actually going to save money. Whoopee! Never thought Target would help me save rather then spend.

I am going to fix up my bike tomorrow. I have an old Schwinn that a family friend is giving me. It's electric blue, with sparkely handles and the old Schwinn seat. I am so excited! The bike is very ME. It just needs a new rear wheel. And I need a helmet, a lock and a horn. You better believe I'm going to put a little horn on the front of my bike! I'll put up a picture when it's all clean and shiny. I'm hoping to ride this new bike to many of the places I need to go this summer. It's going to need a name too.

The weather the past few days has been so wonderful. All week actually. Sunny, with a breeze, a sweater and a scarf do just fine. Spring is coming, I can feel it! I love spring and fall. The mid-seasons, when things are coming to life again, or going inward for a season of sleep. There are more people out in general, and more skin being shown. Only in Minnesota will you see short and flip flops in 48 degree weather. It doesn't faze us.

It is a Saturday night, and I had a movie night at home with a glass of wine by myself. Now I have Frank Sinatra playing and the window open, with the distant sound of the buses going buy.

I just had a very contented sigh.

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