Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Crazy neighbor venting

It's 9:23pm according to the clock in the upper right hand corner of my computer. I just did some yoga, am having some peach tea and listening to Mozart. All is quiet in my house. For now.

The girl above me, (I believe I mentioned her in a post about this time last year), is the epitome of inconsiderate apartment living. But that old post was more about Nutty across the hall.

Lately, The Stripper in comparison to Nutty, is so much worse! Girl walks around in high heels at 3:30 in the morning. Who does that?! I know that this summer she had problems with her achilles (by the way, my dictionary does not have the word "achilles" in it. What the f?) heel, she was taken to the hospital for it, among other reasons. Perhaps your heels and ankles wouldn't hurt so bad if you didn't walk around in 6 inch heels all the time. You freak!

What The Stripper does that bugs
1. Walks around in heels at all hours. And not just walks around. We both live in a studio, there isn't much space to walk around in. Where is she going? I just hear her from the front door, to the bathroom, the kitchen, to the corner above my bed, to the front door again. All. Day. Long. And into the night.
2. When she is mad, watch out. I can't understand what she is saying, but I can hear the volume and tone at which she is speaking. She's like ultra-sonic when she's mad. One night I heard her yelling at someone for over an hour. She would walk to the kitchen (not in heels this time. She is surprisingly heavy footed for being less than 90 lbs.), she'd yell something, then she'd walk away. A minute or so later she'd walk back, as if to say "OH AND ANOTHER THING!" (An hour or so later, I did hear someone leave her place, walk down the stairs and out the building. I'm totally Rear Window and I peeked out to see who it was. It was a boy, walking with a determination to get away. Interesting.) I can also hear her talking to her cats. In a high-pitched-sick-I'm-going-to-puke-on-my-own-shoes-if-you-speak-to-me-in-that-voice voice.
3. She plays music so loud that I can hear every note, word, key change, harmony. A few Sundays ago I was woken by the Bee Gees at 6am. "STAYING ALIVE! STAYING ALIVE! AH AH AH AH STAYING ALIIIIIIIII-HIIIIIIIII-IVE!" It was like it was in my house. She plays music so loud and so often that I don't even bother being polite anymore. I just walk up there, bang on her door and go back down to bed. Mind you, I just said go back to bed. She's waking me up. Every time. With loud music. If this were 2 in the afternoon, I wouldn't mind so much. In fact last week she was playing some old school Michael Jackson, and I quietly sang along.
4. Her latest thing has been what sounds like exercise. It's a constant squeak/thump that is right above my bed. At first I thought it was something else that neighbors can sometimes hear. (Sex. In case you didn't get my lame attempt at being sly. And I have heard that from above too. And not the action. Her.) But this new squeak/thump sounds like one of those 3 feet in diameter trampolines from the Jane Fonda workout videos days. Just a constant squeak/thump squeak/thump squeak/thump. It's too steady and too long for it to be sex. But really?! At 1 in the morning?! Your body, I'm sure, would like you to be sleeping, Crazy!
5. I don't think she has any respect or regard for the people living around her. Her neighbor can hear her heels click clacking away. Her music can be heard outside her apartment, in the stairwell on every floor, and my place of course. Most people think come 10pm, I'll tone down my life. But she has no job and from what I've gathered from chatting with her out on the stoop this summer, very little friends.

And in my defense, last winter I did go up and tell her that I only ask her to turn it down when it wakes me up, or is so loud that I can't think. I even offered for her to turn it back on at the volume it was at and come down to my place and see how loud it was. "Oh no. I'll turn it down." was all she said. I feel like I did my part in voicing my concern. And last night I finally voiced my concern to the building management.

All I want her to do is to be quiet. We love in an old building, I don't mind hearing people just living their lives. But can you take off your shoes? Your feet and my ears would be very grateful. Can you get some headphones or an Ipod if you want the music THAT LOUD? I listen to music, but I go out my door, close it, and it's silent. I just want to us to live our lives and not be bothered by the other. I told the same things to Nutty this summer when she yelled at me for disturbing her sleep after coming in from outside at 6:30 in the morning. She's nuts. But The Stripper is just inconsiderate. And perhaps a bit crazy too.

Oh and another thing. The top of my broom handle is all bent and disformed from me banging it into my ceiling in an attempt to shut her up. Sometimes I just don't want to leave my apartment, so my broom banging is my next best option. I think this is funny.

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  1. Happened across your blog and couldn't resist reading it. This is hilarious! I've had many bad neighbors in my apartment living days. Good luck with the stripper.