Saturday, December 5, 2009

Human Connection

So originally this post was about how my phone hasn't rung in over a week except for work and my mom. And how my life is bla, Holidazzle has kicked my but tonight, and that in essence, I'm bored.

But then I went on a favorite site of mine postsecert serisouly, click here and check it out, my whole attitude changed.

I discovered another website thanks to postsecret, and again, seriously click here and check it out. Do it! There is so much more than just my life.

It isn't about just me, just you. We all have so much more in common than we ever could think. We all want to be loved, be happy, be successful in our own terms. We all have dreams and goals, ambitions and ideas.

The videos/questions on fiftypeopleonequestion, are good ones. I love it when you catch people vulnerable and open. Honest and bare.

The question that brought my to that site was one that asked "What's your secret?" And in the video people actually answered. Could you answer, just off the cuff, if a stranger asked you what you're secret was? I got all teary watching that video.

See? Again, we all have so much in common. We all have secrets that when asked, are scary to share. But sometimes, it just takes some gumption to say the words and suddenly relief will fill your body. And soul.

I love exploring human connection. Knowing we all can connect on many different levels. I think we could all use more reminders of that in our daily lives.

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