Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Just writing today

So NaNoWriMo is done. National Novel Writing Month ended on November 30th, and I didn't write a lick of fiction. Ahhh well. I wrote, just not fiction. But today my only goal was to go to a coffee shop for a bit and write. Write anything. So I did. Pulled out some books with writing ideas in them and got the creative juices flowing.

And then I went through my writings file on my computer and found a piece of fiction I started a while back. I read it, fixed some spelling errors and concluded that it isn't nearly as bad I thought.

I think I'll keep going on it. Yeah me. It all seemed to flow, and was going somewhere, had a good main character with some obstacles to overcome. I'm a bit excited.

I'm now home. Letting everything I wrote to roll around in my head for a minute, and I'll start up on it again. It's a bit refreshing to re-read something your wrote that you thought sucked, and realized it actually has potential.

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