Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Not much but something

My last post was a week ago. And I have nothing exciting to report. I hate that. It is January, it is cold out, and everyones lives seem to come to a near stand-still when it is winter. I do feel like I have done nothing but work and see friends since Christmas. I guess that isn't so bad.

There have been a lot of happy hours with friends. Christmas was very quiet with my mom on pain killers for her knee surgery and me on a big bottle of white wine. New years was filled with laughter with girlfriends and a few drinks. Last Monday I met some girlfriends from high school for our monthly happy hour. Then on Tuesday I went out to meet some old friends from my camp counseling days. Then on Friday I went to dinner with my mom to a family friend's house. Then on Sunday night I went to an inpromptu dinner with some girlfriends from college. And I'm hopefully doing something fun and new this weekend.

I guess I have had some things to write about. Just been to busy doing said things to sit down and write about it.

Speaking of writing... I'm on my last assignment for my class. A-woo-hoo!! I'm so very excited. This last piece is on accomplishing your goals, what stands in your way, and keeping a positive outlook on your dreams. Seems a fitting end to something I set out to do all on my own.

I have a framed postcard next to my desk that simply says "WRITE READ" which is a daily reminder to do so. It came in the mail from a place in town called The Loft, which helps writers do what they do. Write.

And on that note, I think I'll go do just that. Write. You, you should go do something you love too!

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  1. i really dig your stuff. all of it, but i randomly decided to put my comment on this one. i'm new to the blog scene. friends suckered me into it, and now i really enjoy it, especially when i come across ones like yours. i hope we can talk some time and you could, perhaps, help me with my blog and make me feel less retarded with it. haha. anyway, my name is troy and i'm at: exmypa.blogspot.com . hope you follow me and critique me so we will have more to talk about. thanks.