Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our Leader

I am so glad that Barack Obama is OUR president. I just watched the State of the Union address and I got teary eyed. He is the first political leader that I really feel is speaking to me, in words and terms I can understand, about issues that matter in my life, and I feel like he really cares. This time last year I didn't expect all the stuff he promised during the campaign to be solved right away. Decisions like that take time and effort and surly lots of patience. I'm just pleased he is doing it. Something. Anything. He is making moves to better our country. I really feel like he is working for the American people, he wants us to be a community despite our differences. One of my favorite things he said tonight was "We were sent here to serve our citizens not our ambitions." I don't think any other politician has spoken for the general public as well as he does. I commend him, his words, his beliefs, his work. I still have the red "I Voted" sticker in my wallet. I intend on saving it to remind myself that I helped put a man in office who gave me hope, hope in our nation and hope in people.

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