Tuesday, June 15, 2010

3 Good Things, day 2

Today's 3 good things

1. COFFEE! I went to a wedding on Sunday and didn't get outlandish drunk but certainly haven't caught up on sleep since then. So my coffee this morning, after working over 3 hours of my shift first, was heaven. I did learn at one point to drink my coffee before I go to work, but apparently I didn't learn it well enough. I choose to sleep a few more minutes than drink my coffee. Well, that and I don't have any in the house at the moment.

2. I have a fabulous new piece working in my head, that has the possibility to get published locally. This stems from last night when my beau and I went to Liquor Lyle's, we frequent that bar a lot. And we were chatting with the bouncer who has gotten to know us and were informed it's against the rules to dance in that bar. UMMMM EXCUSE ME?! That has to be a joke. Nope, totally serious. So this piece is on how absolutely ridiculous that idea is.

3. THE SUN IS SHINNING! I like the rain and all, but Christ, that was becoming uncalled for. And Mother Nature had better keep her rain drops in their holding cells through the weekend. My beau and I have plans to enjoy the canoe and the lakes again.

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