Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A reason to celebrate June 21st

I have rarely celebrated Father's Day. My dad hasn't been around to do so. No need for sympathy, I don't feel bad for myself. I have had great role models in my life to stand in as a father figure. And I feel blessed that they were and still are there.

But this year, I had a reason to celebrate. I'm dating a father and he's so good at it. He loves his girls so much and it makes me fall for him even more. He's caring and compassionate. He'll sit and talk with the older daughter, just talk. And she shares things that are important to her with him. She confides in him and he holds her words carefully within. Their level of trust is so lovely to watch. And the little one, he takes her in his arms and she snuggles into his shoulder with a sigh of comfort. He rocks her to sleep and you can tell he doesn't really want to put her down. She'll dance in her car seat and he watches in the review mirror with a sense of wonder.

For this Father's Day he and I took his girls out in the canoe and paddled through the lakes. We stopped at Hidden Beach and went swimming and got some ice cream from the ice cream man. It was peaceful, calming and fun to just be with him and the girls, the whole reason we were celebrating that day. He was so grateful for the day, the gifts, just to be with his girls. He's a good daddy and those little chicas are proof of his love.

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  1. sweet!

    You can tell a lot about a person by the way the treat children.

    And it sounds like those little girls are in great hands - both his and yours :)