Monday, June 14, 2010

3 Good Things, revised

I was going over my past blogs and was reminded of my "3 good things a day" posts. (You can check out my bitterness, my old posts from a different time and my old 3 good things a day posts here.) When I was living in NM I was very unhappy and had decided to force myself to find 3 good things a day to write about and take joy in.

I don't need to do that now. My life is happy. But I also haven't been writing. Like nothing. I am too busy living my life to write about it. So I'm reverting back to my ways from the desert. But for very different reasons.
1. To get myself to write again.
2. Because one can never have too many good things
3. Because I want to be able to look back and see how great this time was.

So my 3 good things for today, in pictures no less.

This guy. My beau. Us. I have never felt so at ease, comfortable, cared for, wanted, admired, beautiful, hilarious and simply happy in a relationship. We click.

This is a Lotus Flower that I pulled off of a Lily Pad whilst canoeing with the fella above. Flowers are good thing number 2. There are funny looking people, ugly animals, bad architecture, some things you just don't want to look at. But flowers are always pretty.

I took this as we floated through a sea of Lily Pads. It was just so calm and serene. Good thing number 3, how calm I feel, inside. And how I can find that calmness looking out at the rest of the world.

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  1. Funny, I originally started my blog as a way to deal with the unhappiness that was going on in my life, but as things get better and better, I have found that I don't blog at all. Maybe I will follow in your foot steps with the idea of 3 good things....