Friday, May 13, 2011

Song Challenge Day 15

A song that describes you. This one was tough. It seemed so final. But then again, it's just a list, I can change it at any time. I thought of going with Ani DiFranco's 32 Flavors, but that seems so cliche. Chuck mentioned American Woman, but no. And then jokingly, he sung "She's got legs! She knows how to use them!" I laughed. I played along and sung back "Dude looks like a lady!"


One of the first songs that came into my head was the one that I went with in the end. It's by a Scottish singer named Paolo Nutini, it was on his debut album. The song makes me happy and I chose it because it really is something as simple as a pair of new shoes that make my day. Enjoy the simple, chipper beat of New Shoes by Paolo Nutini.

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