Sunday, May 1, 2011

Turning the leaf

I was going to post something about how much it sucks that someone I considered a good friend a few years ago got married yesterday and I wasn't invited. Not only wasn't I invited but I can't get her or the rest of those friends to get back to me in any form of communication no matter what I do. They seemed to have thrown our friendship out with last years fashion and it makes me sad.

But this blog is about finding the awesome, so I'm going to turn the leaf over and look at what is rocking in my world right now.
1. Still being able to turn on the heat in this weather and after taking a swim in a chilly pool and having no hot water to shower in afterward. But my slippers, a sweatshirt and the heat from the vent helped.
2. Taking a nap with my man, his sweet 9 year old and sleepy 2 year old while watching the Princess Bride. We flopped over each other like puppies.
3. Having the relationships in the book I'm reading starting to come together after many fiction years of no contact.
4. Playing chase with my cat. If you hide and occasionally peak out so he'll see you, he will totally stalk you around the house. It's fun.

This is what I saw playing chase today.
5. Getting good gift ideas for others. I got a good one today and I'm going to make it happen!
6. Loving lazy Sundays in this house. We are good at doing nothing. Cause there is a huge difference in having nothing to do and doing nothing. And on Sundays we excel at the latter.

What's awesome in your world today?

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