Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ahhhh winter!

So the running joke with the majority of Minnesotans yesterday was that it was so warm outside! Oh we are a funny bunch. It was down right balmy! Now keep in mind that it was about a high of 21 which is 40 degrees warmer than it was two days ago! And it's still below freezing! Hilarious! But really I felt the need to not have my scarf wrapped as tightly as I did the day before, and could even go a little longer without my mittens on. Oh and I didn't have to have my wool sweater on underneath my coat. Joyous!

For those that opt for warmer climates you may think that this is me complaining and it is not. Most honest full-blooded Minnesotans love the winter and when we talk about it it's not complaints, it's just a very hot topic of conversation. (And I use the word "hot" simply for giggles sake) When it is this cold you are very aware of the temperature, very aware of your exposed body parts, and very aware an hour later when you have been inside and are still chilled to the bone. It makes for some great fashion with fun sweaters and big furry boots!

I sit here at my desk and watch big, fat, fluffy snow flakes fall from the sky. It's gorgeous! It almost makes me want to go for a walk. See when it's snowing out, it's a good temperature to get bundled up and go enjoy the lovely-ness before it gets either too dark, colder, or gray and sulshy from days of wear and tear. The sun has been trying to peak through but not succeeding so the sky is gray. But the falling snow makes up for the dreary color.

It's so nice to be back where actual snow falls and not spit from the sky (that is what the snow is like in Las Cruces). It's so nice to be back where other people enjoy the cold, where there are still things to do in the winter, where people know how to dress for it and where I can sit at my desk and watch the fluffy flakes land softly on the ground.

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