Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It's amazing when you look around at your life one day and realize that everything in it is just right. It's such a calming feeling. You enjoy getting up every day, you generally enjoy work, personally things are full of laughter, and when the sun shines it just makes it all that much better.

Good grief... if I'm too much for anyone, sorry. I might be too much for myself, but right not that is not the case.

I finished The Story of Edgar Sawtelle last night. It didn't end at all like the way I thought. I think I was hoping for a more happy ending because so much of the book was full of sadness and separation and dealing with the inevitable changes in life. So I guess the ending was fitting with the theme of the whole story. But it was all just so heart-wrenching that i was hoping for a pick me up at the end of the book. No luck there. I would still recommend this book, though. It's wonderfully written, and you really feel for the characters.

It's insanely cold here. You can tell it's cold in Minnesota when the weather is the top story on the evening news. The bitter chill beats out Iraq, the inauguration, the recession in hot topics of the day. But today it's actually lovely out. The sun is bright and gorgeous and there isn't a cloud in the sky. When the sun is out it makes the chill-you-to-the-bones temperature a bit more bare-able. I love it when it's like this. I know it seems that Minnesotans complain about the cold a lot. And it's not that we complain, it's more like it's cold for such a long period of time that it just becomes a conversation piece. Although come the end of March, I may change my tune.

It's my day off today and my mom came over and brought lunch. We watched her daily "story", which I think is ridiculous, but she says it's her escape. I also made some chocolate chip cookies. And if I do say so myself, I make a mean batch of cookies. They are soft and chewy and delicious! I hope I just made your mouth water, just a bit. I'm also going to finish my latest writing assignment today. This one especially has been very personal for me. It's been a challenge to make it good writing and not just me "getting stuff off my chest." But I think I've achieved that. I just need to go over it with fresh "eyes" today and see where I'm at.

Time to go be as studious as I know how and write write write!

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  1. I admire you, Pretty. I really do. Thanks for reminding me of strength and joy, honesty and womanhood.