Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's all about the shoes

So I am going out on the town tonight, looking fierce and prepared to have a fantastic time! As I'm getting ready I kept thinking "I'm not feeling this outfit." It just wasn't speaking to me, it wasn't saying "Fierce." But then I put on the shoes, my knee-high black boots and suddenly it was an attitude change and the ensemble felt complete.

I realize men may have no idea what I'm talking about. Which is why they have asked why do women have so many pairs of shoes.

Right here my friends, is the answer.

Shoes are the only thing that we know we can always put on, and we won't feel fat, there won't be water weight, it's not a bad hair day. We know shoes will always fit and 99% of the time will give us the feeling of power, or comfort, or sass, or whatever it is we need to feel at the moment. We have so many pairs to go with the many emotions that run through our lives.

My knee-high boots make me feel hot and sassy and help me walk with a bit more of a pep to my step. Look out folks, these boots are made for walkin'...

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