Saturday, January 3, 2009

New years eve

My new years was a huge success! I did have a fantastic time, I did get drinks bought for me buy a cutie, and I did get kissed at midnight!

I also met some new girls who were really fun to hang out with. There were lots of pictures taken, and lots of laughter shared.

I've been saying since I moved back that this year is going to be my best yet and so far I'm on the up swing. Look out 2009, here I come!


  1. You look amazing!! Here's to '09!

  2. You do look fierce! Happy New Year! =)

    I hope Anderson and I can see you again soon. Good times!

  3. Hey Sarah,

    I was thinking about you today, wondering how you were doing in your new life so I went to your blog. Hope everything is working out for you. And yea, you really do look "fierce" or whatever the new term for "hot" is!

    Joe from Las Cruces

  4. You look beautiful and I hope that your evening was fabulous! Can't wait to hear your stories! Dinner sometimes soon??