Monday, January 19, 2009

Tomorrow is a new start

Tomorrow history will be made. Our first black president will be sworn in and it feels great that I did my part to put him there. I don't expect to wake up on Wednesday with the state of the nation having immediately changed but I feel the way I did the day after Obama was announced as our President Elect. I feel hopeful and confident in where we as a country can go. I have more patience and expectations that promises will be fulfilled than I ever have before. It also has helps that this was the first election where I really listened, I really cared. But one of the main reasons I did that was the fact that I felt Obama spoke to me, in words I could understand and relate to. He has given me faith in the idea that we can come together as a country again, because we want to and not because we have to.

And I have to work tomorrow. My cafe boss is coming in for a visit and this will be the first time we have actually met. My store manager and his boss will be there too. So I'll just have to watch the inauguration speech online afterward.

But nonetheless, tomorrow is a new day. In so many wonderful ways!

Here is to you, my new Mr. President! I applaud you and am looking forward to your presidency.

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