Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I can taste spring!

It is so lovely outside! It's warm enough to not have a jacket with a nice breeze blowing past. I was out in flip flops as I ran across the street for a diet coke today. People have come out of hibernation and seem to be walking with a little extra spring in their step. I know I am. I have gone for a walk and even felt the urge to run. And I NEVER run. There is just something in the air right now that makes me want to skip and jump and click my heels together!

In fact on my walk this afternoon, I was on top of a big hill near Lake of the Isle and had my head phones in and I did a little dance at the top of the hill. I couldn't help it, there was a good song playing and the sun was shinning... you know what they say, someday the music is going to get you.

(Gloria Estefan reference for those unawares)

I really have no idea how someone can have a bad day on day like the last few that we have had. The snow is almost gone, the sun is shinning, the world seems to have taken a deep breath and is feeling fresh and awake. Yet some manage...

Lets not dwell on that, shall we?

I have big French windows in my apartment and today I took out the storm windows and put in the screens and got some fresh air into my place. However, my desk normally sat in front of the windows preventing them from opening. Now for the spring and summer, I might have to rearrange. That is going to be a challenge seeing has how I live in a studio.

For at least a year now I have had this really neat image in my head of a map hanging on my wall. I wanted to get one and cut it up into different sized frames and hang them up as sort of a connected yet disconnected view of the world. So last Friday I bought the map, Saturday i got more frames, Sunday I spent over 2 hours trying to get all of the map covered by a pane of glass before I actually cut it out. Uff-da.

Now someone who is much better at numbers than I am probably could have figured out how many of each sized frame I would need. But I didn't want to tackle that, much less not sure how, so I just bought a bunch of frames and did the trial and error method until it looked about right. I ended up loosing parts of the ocean here or there, hence the sproadic-ness of the frames but mostly it turned out pretty cool.

Not bad huh? It's hanging in my kitchen (notice the knives on the right) and I am quite proud.

It is St. Patrick's day and I am going out to an Irish pub in downtown with some friends. This bar reportedly serve more Jamison on St. Patty's day than any other bar in the world. Little factoid for you. I plan to have a beer and people watch. This is a good drinking holiday so it should be a good people watching evening.

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