Thursday, March 19, 2009


Do you thing if you get hurt enough at work simply because you are clumsy, it's covered under workman's comp?

Tonight at work I was 0 for 4 and loosing a rough battle to my cafe equipment. I have a burn on each wrist from the grills, the blender closed on the other side of my wrists from the burn and bruised me, I cut my finger on something plastic trying to clean it (how plastic cut me as bad as it did, I have no idea) and another finger was pinched in the dishwasher.

At least all the injuries were to my hands/wrists. Or maybe that isn't a good thing. This cut is never going to heal. With how many times I put my hands in water every 10 mintues... I need to get a little finger condom to wear to protect it from the wet.

It was a good night work wise, I was just in rare form in my clutzy-ness.

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