Thursday, March 12, 2009

Opening night

Like any show I have done, opening night was a huge success! I sat in the house tonight as strictly an audience member and I was totally entertained! These kids have so much talent and the arts program has come many leaps and bounds from where it was when I was a student.

I don't even know these kids and I'm proud!

Like every show there were glitches and tiny oopses. But there is a reason you do more than one show. To make it better every time.

I went with an old friend of mine from high school and both he and I were nearly speechless as we walked through the masses of actors and family afterward. And making two theatre people speechless at the same time is a tough feat to accomplish.

At the end I strayed a bit from the adults of the production because I didn't want to hear any negative comments about what went wrong and what should have been done a different way. Don't rain on the parade, just take tongiht and revel in the moment of what was just completed. Opening night is exciting and intense and should be celebrated!

In fact after bows, the house lights come up and I don't think the kids were given any direction on how to exit the stage. They had gotten a standing ovation and I think emotion just overtook them, and they screamed and jumped with joy as they ran off stage. It was adorable!

Congratualtions Kids! You have a fantastic show!

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