Friday, March 20, 2009

Serious writers block

I have my next assignment due in a week and I'm having the hardest time with half of it. The first half I have to write the intro to an article. OK. That I think I've got. The second half I have to write a rough draft of a query letter. A query letter is like a cover letter for a job opportunity, but instead you state what you are writing about and why they should accept your article.

I can write and have a beginning, and middle and an end. Good. I can be funny, and yet honest and real at the same time. Fine. I write from my personal experiences which make it that much more relatable. Great. But having the ability to tell someone why my writing is so good and why I'm worth picking up and publishing, good grief that is terrifying.

I was going to spend tonight finishing up the intro to my article and get started on the letter and I haven't done either. I have the article pulled up on my computer and a book of all these possible magazines to send my article too is post-it-ed up one side and down the other. But I can't pick one, I can't decide. There are too many options and it's all to damn scary. All the what-ifs and maybes, good and bad that could come from this have me scared stiff. Literally.

I guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow. I have GOT to break through this wall and just do it. What is the worst that could happen? My instructor says "Nice try. Try again." Fine. Then that I will do.

Sheesh, Riley. Get your shit together. This ain't rocket science. It's writing. And you're good at that.

By the way, I tend to talk to myself in third person when I'm frustrated or nervous. A little tid bit of info on me

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