Monday, August 18, 2008

Breaking through my block

They say that practice makes perfect. It's true. Ive had writer's block and I hate that term, it seems like a cop out to just doing it. But it really is a block, a thick cloud that just hovers in front of that spot where inspiration gets into you. Everything I've read says that if you want to write, just write. Quit thinking about it a just write.
So tonight after writing about how frustrating this cloudy block is I made a breakthrough and finally was able to get something worthwhile down on paper. It's messy and choppy right now but I know it has focus. I feel like I've had a successful night after starting off with a bad headache.
I've got a deadline on this one and it's creeping up quickly. I don't want to J-I-N-X myself here, but I think I work well on deadlines. Now that I have a rough layout of this piece I really feel like I can push head-on and make this a good one.

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