Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday in 8 steps or less

1. I woke up after a funny dream and had no problem getting out of bed. Usually I sit there for a minute or two.
2. I got ready and walked out of the house looking very cute with a flirty skirt and high heels (which I traded for flats a few hours in)
3. Get to work and am pleased to be there.
4. And I find 16 tags ripped of CD's sitting on the counter. Some lady that looks like a drug addict came in last night and ripped the tags off, bagged the CD's in a Dillards bag and left within a few minutes. (Don't get me started on who was working and what they were doing.)
5. And this ruins my fantastic mood until mid-day when a customer came in, asked what was wrong and then proceeded to make me laugh.
6. I got back my third assignment back in the mail and it got rave reviews. Yea me!
7. Now I'm watching Friends (on DVD, would you expect any less?) because the stuff on the actual TV sucks, yet I don't want to shut it off.
8. Tomorrow on my mid-week day off, I plan on laying out in the sun for a bit, reading and writing.

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